Next time they come in it’s the same atrocious behavior. They demand theY’all Need Jesus Christ A Good Shirt of the friends they brought with them be comped. The same manager comps it. The vouchers specify that they must be presented before ordering which alerts staff that the table should be treated as VIPs. The theory is that if the customers and have a great experience, they are more likely to return. In my experience, it’s effective, especially since the original negative experience wasn’t the fault of the restaurant.

Y’all Need Jesus Christ A Good Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women’s

Y’all Need Jesus Christ A Good Tank Top
Tank Top
Y’all Need Jesus Christ A Good V-neck

Our store was actually known for that which pulled in exactly theY’all Need Jesus Christ A Good Shirt of clientele servers don’t want. Happens more often then you would think. If you are really lucky, they will leave it for you, the busboy, to dispose of. They find your head much later when they spot some kids kicking it around like a soccer ball. They reattach the head and you live the rest of your life with a scar on your neck that people will ask you about, but you will be too ashamed to tell them the real story. This was my fucking mother in law when my eldest was still a baby. She volunteered to do the change so we could keep eating, and it out she went to an empty table behind me and did it there. We only knew about it when another table called her out.

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Y’all Need Jesus Christ A Good Sweatshirt
Y’all Need Jesus Christ A Good Hoodie

I really think if he ever wanted to go into serious actingY’all Need Jesus Christ A Good Shirt would be awesome at it. Look at Eric Bana, I remember him on a show called comedy company. Then a movie The Castle where he is a tracksuit wearing wog who does kickboxing. Yet now he does nothing but deadly serious roles and kills it. The slam poetry scene is still the only time I have ever legitimately been unable to stifle my laughter in any movie theater experience. My kids are obsessed the YouTube compilations of my name is Jeff. They think it’s hilarious and walk around the house saying it.
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  1. PattersonAndrea (verified owner)

    Really good quality tee shirt and fast service x

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    Had a few thing from this store always as seen and arrive on time great

  3. Zohar (verified owner)

    Good quality, quick delivery

  4. Ocampo (verified owner)

    I had a problem with my order and gave a very poor review. They responded quickly and asked for a picture of the shirt I had a problem with. As soon as I sent them the picture they could see the problem and sent me A new shirt which is 100% better. I thank them for their customer service.

  5. Theme (verified owner)

    Nice quality “T” Shirt and well printed. Delivered quickly.

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