Some wedding dresses Wutang Clan Logo Members shirt. out there are still very much costume. Eventually. she circled back to Beccaria, sending a text that said: “I would love for you to help me do my entire wedding.” “More and more brides love to enter into our sort of wedding world,” Beccaria says. “They are looking for something different. They appreciate the freshness and lightness of a dress that is not a proper bridal gown. Ours have a sort of modernity in the way they are made, the way they preserve, the comfort you feel when you put them on, they become like part of your body.”Beccaria began designing the dress in earnest right after the holidays.

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Wutang Clan Logo Members  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Wutang Clan Logo Members  Hoodie
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“It was a lot of work—and to obtain the correct color was really complicated Wutang Clan Logo Members shirt. she explains. “We had to put so many different layers of blush and cream organdy tulle so that it looked like just a little touch of blush. We also added a bit of blush to the veil.” And while the design process was long and very involved from the start.Lady Ella had a clear idea about exactly how she wanted to look. ”She fell in love with a certain lace,“ Beccaria says, “and I had it special embroidered in her own color and then we combined a couple of dresses that she saw here.” The inclusion of that touch of blush was always part of the equation though. “She was scared to do something too much,” Beccaria says. “But she wanted something modest and not that obvious.”The bride complemented the dress with six-meter veil secured with a Russian Fringe style diamond tiara that once belong to Marina of Greece and Denmark, who was her grandmother and whose own wedding at Westminster Abbey to Prince George, Duke of Kent and fourth son of King George V of England, was a grand affair. “She was one of the most elegant women of all time,” Beccaria says. “When she married in the 1930s, she wore the most incredible tiara. [As a result,] we decided to leave Lady Ella’s dress very simple in the front. And she wanted long sleeves and embroidery that goes over the hand, like a glove.”When Lady Ella entered St. George’s Chapel, a bit of the veil covered her face. “In the beginning we actually wanted to make it lace—but then we decided that felt like too much,” Beccaria notes. “It had to be very light so as to give the importance to

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