If your parents made the choice to . Then they should shoulder the responsibility for it instead of pushing it off onto their teenage daughter. You are doing an amazing thing by stepping up to care for your younger siblings. But you’re in college and you have so much ahead of you. They should WANT your entire focus to be on getting a goodTop Pack My Diapers Im Going To Aunties House Shirt. It would be one thing if they were working multiple jobs. And you needed to pitch in because they’re spread so thin but this doesn’t seem to be the case. They’re out parting with pals while you do the hard stuff, that’s just irresponsible. The chart sounds like a very matter-of-fact way to point out their skewed priorities.

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Though I recommend keeping a copy/pic of it , just in case. I’d try talking to them. And let them know you need some slack on your end to focus on school, life, and the like. If they don’t start to make an effort it would be time to get CPS involved because thinking about theTop Pack My Diapers Im Going To Aunties House Shirt? Will your parents step up or will they find some rando to stay with the kids while they traipse off on another 3-day vacay? I really hate to be a stickler, but she isn’t doing amazing things. She is an amazing person, but she is in a shitty situation. And the things she’s doing is picking up the slack for shitty parents which is by no means an amazing thing.

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These parents suck and the only time I’ve heard of people rushing off for a last-minute “vacation” is with drug addicts who suddenly score money and disappear to go on a bender. Most normal people plan that shit and let other people know. I’m sorry that you’ve been prettified. I know it sucks and I’m sure no one intended to erase your experience. There are studies that show the Top Pack My Diapers Im Going To Aunties House Shirt. Even when they have an older brother. Yeah, Ik. Tbh I think I have it a lot better than people like OP, my grandma helps and it’s not like my mom is , she tries her hardest. I just wish she didn’t have so many kids if it meant it’d require so much of my/grandma’s help.
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