England and congratulations to south africa what a great world cup england didnt even turn up and The Steph Mcgovern Girly Swot T Shirt referee was. Poor boks defence outstanding well deserved well done sa from a devastated england fan simple answer is we. Didnt deserve to win out classed and lost our composure second in a world cup is still a bloody. Good achievement and they should still be proud well done sa you stopped england playing. With a superb display by your pack a victory well deserved great game tonight from south africa outstanding.

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I swear I read 75 pages in 15 minutes—making it a very satisfying beach read Steph Mcgovern Girly Swot shirt. The set up is obvious and fairly low-stakes: A recent widow rents out a vacant apartment in her backyard to an ex-baseball star who has developed a debilitating case of the yips. They’re both wounded in their own ways … they become friends … and you can guess what happens next. Though wildly predictable, Evvie is a sweet story and—perhaps more important—one you can totally finish while continuing your day drinking. – Jessie Heyman, Executive Digital EditorIt took me a shameful five years to finally get to Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life, although I must have packed its considerable heft on a couple of dozen journeys since she first graciously inscribed a copy to me. Her book proved the astonishing page-turner that all my besotted friends promised it to be, a punch in the face delivered from every page. I burst into tears in two ubers and one cab, on two transatlantic flights, on the subway, the metro, and the London underground, and three times sitting up in bed at four a.m. Now that this book has wrung me dry I am attempting Hanya’s debut novel, The People in the Trees for light summer beach reading.I’m reading a book called Stay With Me by a young Nigerian author called Ayobami Adebayo. Not sure it counts as your typical beach read—the storyline thus far is deeply heartbreaking!—but I’m totally enthralled. It follows a young Nigerian couple as they navigate the complex web of family politics and emotions (loyalty, betrayal, love, trust), one that ultimately seems destined to tear their marriage apart. – Chioma Nnadi, Fashion News Director

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    Loving my tshirt. Order process and delivery good

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    Excellent t-shirt design. Prompt delivery.

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    Good quality T-shirt, delivered quickly.

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    I received my T Shirt and fits okay. The only negative comment I have is the price of the product and postage. But thank you it is a one off for me.

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    Would buy from again

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