After 20 offers from Rick & Morty Peace Among Worlds shirt. various schools Charles-Collins chose to settle down at the University of Miami to complete her degree. “During this time I was able to become an NCAA champion in my last year and a 12 time All-American. This was when I decided I wanted to compete professionally,” she says. After numerous early mornings and long days of training, Charles-Collins ventured into her next huge milestone: the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. “I always say if there’s one point in my life that I would go back to and redo, it would be the Olympics. I think I took it for granted then, but it was amazing just walking into the bird’s nest with people chanting your name, and seeing yourself on the big screen.”

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Finishing 10th in the final, Charles-Collins was ready to start training even harder in preparation for the London 2012 Olympics Rick & Morty Peace Among Worlds shirt. “I was getting faster, I was getting stronger, things were amazing, but then I got injured. At practice, I was doing some drills and tore all the major ligaments from my ankle and fractured it.” At this point, Charles-Collins was ready to start training again but, as much as she pushed, her body couldn’t manage it. “It was a question of do I just keep doing this for years and years trying to get better? Or, do I take on a new journey?” Charles-Collins’s plan B took her back to school at University of Toronto and led her down a career path in Project Management. But, after being laid off 4 months into her maternity leave, and simultaneously realizing the corporate world wasn’t for her, Tabia had to rethink her future and come up with a plan At the end of the day, Charles-Collins feels grateful that she got to put this passion project into action with immense support from her friends and family. Most importantly, she wants her son D’Angelo, now one and a half years old, to see her do something great. “I want him to see me go after my passions, goals and dreams so then he will feel like he can do the same thing one day.” There’s no doubt Tabia Charles-Collins has been doing that her whole life.

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