Byron and Dexter Peart Red lips leopard tongue the rolling stones t shirt. want to build a kinder, smarter, more beautiful world.The Montreal-based twin brothers who co-founded luxe accessories brand WANT Les Essentiels in 2000, are readying themselves for their next act: GOODEE,

Red lips leopard tongue the rolling stones t shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Red lips leopard tongue the rolling stones t  Classic Women's T-shirt
Classic Women’s
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Unisex Sweatshirt
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Unisex Hoodie
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Platform that curates elegant ceramic pots, chairs, and pillows for highly-discerning, design-obsessed customers Red lips leopard tongue the rolling stones t shirt. Every brand GOODEE carries is evaluated on the following criteria: was it designed with a clear mandate of making the world a better place?Dex and I have had the idea at large for GOODEE for about three years, so we’re quite excited that right now the market has finally caught up,” Byron tells FASHION. The seed for GOODEE came after numerous dinner party conversations about how to navigate life in uncertain times. “I remember sitting at one dinner and Dexter saying, ‘There are at least hundreds of thousands of people having the same conversation at this moment.’ And then the person we were having dinner with says, ‘It’s probably more like millions.’GOODEE’s goal is to capitalize on the burgeoning social consciousness of those who have been shaken out of complacency by the troubled political climate. “Because people want to know more about where things are from, or how things are made, or know more about the supply chain, arbiters of style and taste are going to have to play an active role in trying to make that edit.” Brands they have already begun working with include ecoBirdy, a brand creating children’s chairs out of recycled plastic toys, and Haeckels, a skincare brand derived from seaweed and natural minerals. Ultimately, they aim to create searchable criteria where individual consumers can connect with products that cater to their specific interests. GOODEE aligns themselves broadly with the UN’s sustainable development goals and has an application for B Corp Status currently pending, but, “We’re not going to let this idea of perfection get in the way of good,” says Byron. As long as a product has been conceived with clear, purposeful intentions and happens to be nice to look at, it’s good enough forGOODEE. Byron and Dexter see their role as that of “trusted curators” who amplify the stories of artisans and makers and provide a platform for them to sell their wares on a global scale
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  1. Wright (verified owner)

    Ordered shirt with no problem and got it when they told me I would receive it. It was a very nice shirt.

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    Great quality on the sweatshirt and long sleeve tee shirt. Excellent service! Thank you iTeeme! Will look forward to future orders with your company.

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    I really love the concept and uniqueness of the design. The quality of the shirt is also very comfortable.

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    Fast delivery, excellent price very happy with my purchase, would of been 5 stars if the cotton was slightly thicker but very pleased

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    Quick shipment, product exactly as ordered, good value for the price. Website easy to navigate and easy to understand sizing and products; easy to place order. Very good experience, and the giftee loved the hoodie!

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