Those latches are probably some of the worst designed securing mechanisms in existence. We only have 6 on our entire bird, but the Official The B52 Wild Planet Shirt seems like we’re calling S/M out every week to replace one. That picture showing the latch doing exactly what it was . It’s more likely people ignored the hinge pin sliding it’s way out. I’m not saying the latch caused the failure, I was thinking the failure was caused exactly as you said. I’m just bitching about the latch itself. Both power panels have 2 snaps in my experience, pretty sure that’s from an engine cowling. Potato bad time for somebody regardless.

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I had a bunch of fun when that was happening to the C-27J’s fuel fill door (the damn thing was a suicide door). The ANG dropped field in Georgia. Solution? Speed tape for flight. The whole program ended up shut down not long after. Everyone actually involved knows what happened…AF already reached out to business and the person who picked theOfficial The B52 Wild Planet Shirt up. Most people don’t like to pull that much rings for the wind. People having the b52 on that level mostly play where there are winds > 10 mph which means you have to pull all those rings. But that is just what comes to my mind.

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Official The B52 Wild Planet Sweatshirt
Official The B52 Wild Planet Hoodie

What you say is what Tommy said in the past on his streams. He did not like the B52 for that reason. I believe this has changed . B52 is an awesome club, it only lacks a bit of curl should you need theOfficial The B52 Wild Planet Shirt, which is rare. I don’t think that pulling a lot of rings can be the issue. In higher winds, folks used to have to pull the wind in 2. Agreed accuracy of B52 is so high that you have to pull a lot of rings, but the high accuracy on the other hand pays out for obvious reasons. I play the grizzly, which is rather equal but with less distance. Sometimes you have to pull 15 rings. That’s crazy, but I prefer accuracy.
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