Because as dumb as his decision was,Official Sunflower Mashup Mickey Head Shirt understandable for someone his age sitting on so much space they don’t use to offer the extra space who might need housing. Actually giving him a system to do so might’ve had a different outcome than him trying to sneak a friend in. Evicting your son is also prudent and necessary in this situation. And your son is an asshole for forcing you to do that.

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Since his college financial situation depends on your income,Official Sunflower Mashup Mickey Head Shirt likely doesn’t qualify for financial aid. He should have a job anyway – I got one the day after I turned 16 and bought my own home at age 20, and should have at least have been paying for utilities. You were babying him. The only thing I’ll say is that actually legally evicting him is going it nearly impossible for him to find a place in the future, so that was a bit of a dick move if you could have just told him to move out. Especially since you gave him something bigger than he needs.  For you, as you said you probably shouldn’t be doing it apparently but yet you are breaking a rule just like your son, plus you in real life but just by your language, you seem quite aggressive and not nice so that’s not gaining you any points. 

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I don’t disagree with making him move out for breaking the rules,Official Sunflower Mashup Mickey Head Shirt is a bit much. That said, you sound like a massive asshole in general. Your son probably got his attitude from you, considering it sounds like the same attitude. You seem to have a selfish attitude towards what your kid owes you and seem like you have your head pretty far up your own ass. On your son’s side, I would say sure he broke some rule but other than that he sounds like a good kid and it is his girlfriend like it just seems like a thing bound to happen. I would someone stay with me for more than a week or so without letting the landlord know, and even at that age, I wouldn’t have done what this kid did. And this is what brings it around to being either that the kid
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