It’s a political proceeding, soNice Hebrew Israelite Shirt will bring as much class, gravitas, and intellect as they do to everything else, which is none. He is being represented by his actions. Corroborated by witnesses and tangible evidence. The point of the impeachment is to judge whether or not actions were outside the bounds of legality or go against the oath of office. Though I’m sure he’s free to come to schedule a hearing with the house if he wants to. I doubt they would turn him down. That way he can represent himself. It could be the most blatantly damning thing and all we’ve to hope for is good turnout next November.

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I’m assuming he’s going to live tweet. So every time Nice Hebrew Israelite Shirt angrily responds to an accusation take a drink. That’s why he’ll never back down. Resigning would basically be admitting to guilt. The Senate is never going to remove him from the office anyway. The difference with the Clinton impeachment is that it was so obviously political. Republicans held off on proceedings until after the 1998 midterms in to gain seats in the house, but the public absolutely did not give a fuck about a blowjob or lying about it and they were destroyed that year.

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The past three years have already done enough damage toNice Hebrew Israelite Shirt just investigative, sort of like a grand jury. He could come and watch from the Gallery I believe. Later in the process when the articles of impeachment are actually being drafted by the Judiciary Committee gets to have more involvement I believe.y liver – I’m going to put together impeachment bingo cards instead. Definitely the best drinking game, and also the most I’ve had to drink in a day, ever. Pretty sure I made it halfway through the first extended edition before I had to pass on a lot of the drinks.
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