I do think people are a little too old yeah. I rarely if ever see anyone talking about that movie. Until, like OP said, 2020 hit. One evening in early March, I was exiting the building where I worked. I was on a 6-month contract which ended on March 11. And it was very windy, and the whole had already started becoming more and more real. And the song just popped into my mind and a really miserable feeling came over me for a few seconds. Then I just dismissed theNever Underestimate Old Man With A Saxophone Shirt. 10 days later we were all in quarantine. One glaring omission here to me is A Reminder. Such a gorgeous track, those glowing, purring guitars are something else.

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It almost certainly is not. It sounds like an attempt to make the song a little more chill but definitely has late-90s Thom vocals on it. Nigel said in a 2017 interview for that the version there is from a Feb/Mar 1996 recording session. To me, this adds up – if you listen to the very first live performances of Lift in March 1996. It’s somewhat slower and more tentative than it would become later on in the year. Or the Minidisc versions that seem to come from theNever Underestimate Old Man With A Saxophone Shirt. Why they didn’t use one of those Minidisc versions on OKNOTOK is much more of a mystery, although I’ve got my own theories. Thanks for that, I managed to confuse myself mid-way through and had Man of War in mind.

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But it’s interesting coming back to it, going back through the archive… Colin actually went back and found this version. I’d forgotten we’d done it, as I think most of us had actually. But he found this version and it was just, listening to it and thinking, “oh my god, that was the song”, you know, that was how sounded in our heads. That’s how it felt when we were playing it live… Obviously there’s aNever Underestimate Old Man With A Saxophone Shirt. But I’m inclined to think they’re each referring to the same thing, unless there were earlier sessions back in Jan 1996. I think Phil was saying the song was fey, which means trying to be mysterious or otherwordly in a sort of deliberate annoying way.
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