To be honest, English is not Mamaw Elf Group Matching Family Christmas shirt. my first language. so initially I had no idea what Camp meant. I thought we were going camping!” admits the Argentine-born de Betak. Once she researched the concept, she fully committed. “People sometimes forget to have fun and to laugh at themselves. The theme allowed us complete freedom,” she says. While many would have shied away from donning a frock inspired by tropical fruit, not de Betak. “Since I was little, I would experiment with materials, fabrics and shapes,” she says. “I would buy the craziest jackets or really chunky boots.” Today, of course

Mamaw Elf Group Matching Family Christmas shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Mamaw Elf Group Matching Family Christmas  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Mamaw Elf Group Matching Family Christmas  Hoodie
Mamaw Elf Group Matching Family Christmas  LongSleeve
Mamaw Elf Group Matching Family Christmas  Sweatshirt

she’s lauded for her red-carpet risks Mamaw Elf Group Matching Family Christmas shirt.The resulting Met Gala gown, conceived as a subtle nod to the brand’s name, manages to be daring and wearable at once. (“It’s a concept, it’s not literal,” says de Betak.) In fact, the dress, as well as an eye-catching capsule collection inspired by the Met Gala theme, will be available as a limited-edition collection at Mango’s flagship New York store, as well as on on June 3rd.Given de Betak and Cuttrell’s globe-spanning schedules, devising the conceptual piece was an international affair. With Cuttrell in L.A. for Coachella and Sofia bouncing between Mallorca, New York and Paris during the critical design window, the pair collaborated both in-person (meeting in Barcelona, where Mango is headquartered, over a traditional Spanish dinner) and digitally. “We each brought our jet lag and individual backgrounds, and came together through many rounds of sketches and drawings,” reveals de Betak. They regrouped for a final fitting in New York the day before the big event, which included makeup and hair tests and head-to-toe try-ons, incorporating the look’s statement-making accessories, especially those ingenious mango earrings (which will also be available as part of the brand’s collection).As the photo proves, the partnership was an undeniable triumph. “I think the shape was a great fit for Sofia. I really wanted her to wear the dress, and not have the dress wear her,” says Cuttrell. “It had movement and layers, volume and interesting shapes, everything I love!“ adds de Betak. “It looked exactly like what we envisioned.”

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  1. Aadarsh (verified owner)

    I had a problem with my order and gave a very poor review. They responded quickly and asked for a picture of the shirt I had a problem with. As soon as I sent them the picture they could see the problem and sent me A new shirt which is 100% better. I thank them for their customer service.

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    T shirts feels good , print is clean , my son’s stoked , thanks

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    Good quality t shirt very quick delivery

  4. JohnMike (verified owner)

    Great t shirt but I would like if the material was just a standard one but either way is great??

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    Excellent value and speedy delivery. Really good quality. Totally recommended !

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