They lost a challenge that they shouldn’t have and called a Kansas City Chiefs Chiefin Weed Smoking Indian Shirt when the play clock was going to expire on 3rd and 1 when getting the first down was necessary to win the game. There is a big difference between that, and using your final two timeouts to stop the clock with 5 minutes left on the game clock. I’m entitled to my opinion like you are yours and I feel like brisket keeps the ball out of harm way much better than luck, especially on the road.

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“With America being Great Britain’s number one ally globally, the entire purpose and invitation for the state visit was to renew, strengthen, and celebrate the relations,” said Myka Meier, founder of Beaumont Etiquette and the creator of the famed Duchess Effect course on royal graces Kansas City Chiefs Chiefin Weed Smoking Indian shirt. “As the head of state, Queen Elizabeth would have only been showing respect through her actions, gifts, and speech. While she is known to enjoy a bit of humor, Queen Elizabeth is known to be the greatest and most experienced diplomat in the world, and it is my belief that she never would have done anything to hinder her relationship with the president, no matter who it is, of the United States.”Addressing the question of the Churchill book specifically, “One of the reasons Trump is in the UK and Europe this week is due to the D-Day anniversary,” Jessica Morgan of The Fug Girls tells Vogue, “so it’s actually very much on point for this visit, and thematically, very appropriate.” As for the tiara, “I actually think she wore it because her dress is white, her sash is blue, and the rubies in the tiara complete the red, white and blue of the American flag,” Morgan added. When it comes to subtle (or not-so-subtle) jewelry-messaging, “[The Queen] wearing the pin Obama gave her on the day Trump arrived in the UK the last time they visited felt more pointed.”While Queen Elizabeth does engage in soft diplomacy through her clothes and jewels, there does not appear to be conclusive sartorial evidence to support she was throwing shade in Trump’s direction on this particular trip. “I totally understand why people want the Queen to be trolling Trump,” Morgan said. “But I also think there is a tendency to read more into these things than perhaps is truly there.”

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