Even pre corona and including happy hour/take out/delivery/dining out/bringing food/snacks to gatherings, I hover around $500-800 depending on the month. And I don’t really cook. I don’t see how it’s feasible to continue this from a financial perspective, let alone . No, it’s not on credit cards. We share accounts and I can see it all there. I’m pretty sure he’s not hiding anything. But we’re not able to put as much into savings as we used to. This may be mean but can you like give him aFunny Baking Is A Work Of Heart Shirt? Say this is our food budget. Don’t go over this. I don’t know about “mean” but it is wildly inappropriate for people in a partnership, to police one another. It is controlling behavior.

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Exhausting, and essentially relieves the other partner of to control the problem. I strongly advise OP not to do this. Perhaps her husband will find putting himself on an allowance is a useful control..for himself. But she cannot do it for him or to him, absolutely not. This is not a budget problem. OP, his refusal to seek mental health care for hisFunny Baking Is A Work Of Heart Shirt. That cause secondarily is not something you will ever have control over. Only he can make himself do this. I don’t fault you for making him a few appointments – I help my partner exactly that way. It’s okay for you to say that this breaks the covenants – the contract – of your marriage. It is okay to say that you expect your partner to take care of himself.

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This guy needs some control. Adults or not. He obviously can’t I think in this instance putting him on an allowance with the understanding that she is trying to help him as she loves him and wants him to live a long life is more helpful. I suppose I don’t? But I honestly don’t believe he has. Or let’s just say, given the transactions I see on our account activity, if he has additional transactions on aFunny Baking Is A Work Of Heart Shirt… I don’t think that’s possible. The activity I see also matches up to what I see him eating. I don’t see a bunch of deliveries that are absent from our joint account. My partner and I eat very well and have our fair share of snacks too. Our monthly grocery bill is literally one-tenth of that.
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