Yes, all of these because Iranian do not have money to give these people! Iranian people should never forget those 8 years that Iraqi people and their government invaded Iran and killed lots of Iranian! First, you need to pay for 8 years war which Saddam started against Iran. Our military is not going anywhere, otherwise you will invite another Daesh or Western terrorist soldiers again at our borders. Not happening. Everyone in Iraq can take revenge on the Flank ’em And Spank ’em Sun Tzu The Art Of War Shirt government. I think it would be good to find two Iraqis in the safety and freedom of Iran. Why are you not reporting on the police violence in France.

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This is Day 24 of the spring collections as I type at a hotel bar, waiting for a martini to raise a little toast to Mr Flank ’em And Spank ’em Sun Tzu The Art Of War shirt. Slimane. He deserves one. It’s been more than two years since the designer, who so famously put men in skinny pants and ladies in vampy mini-dresses at Saint Laurent, turned his back on the fashion world, returning his focus to photography and his life in Los Angeles. That’s about as far from the clichés of Paris chic as you can get. At Saint Laurent, and Dior before that, he did things his way: skinny, black, sleek, sequined, sexy, rocker, young, younger, youngest. As much as some critics found it a broken record, his cool factor was money in the bank for Saint Laurent. So. When Slimane was selected as the new designer of Celine, replacing the well-regarded though also-frustratingly-elusive Phoebe Philo, the fashion flock went absolutely bananas. Philo created clothing for smart, cultured, critical women. Her clothes slouched in ways that seemed the opposite of effortless. You had to be in-the-know to know just how beautiful they really were. They were not for attracting men, but perhaps for buffering them, an automatic filter for discarding drooling slobs and duty-free shoppers. They were for women to be taken seriously. Can we ever really say that about Slimane’s work at Saint Laurent?

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    Had a few thing from this store always as seen and arrive on time great

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    came really quickly once the campaign had finished

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    Excellent product and service. Would recommend to anyone.

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    Really pleased with my shirt and arrived sooner than expected,which is always a good thing. Thank you so much.

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