Las Vegas Valley has been inhabited for Flamingo Christmas is this Jolly enough shirt thousands of years by humans. The Indo-Paleo cultures from the end of the last Ice Age were the first to settle there. The reason is that it always has a stable water source. The aquifer emerging to the surface 10,000 years ago still exists today. In a hot, dry desert, a steady supply of water is the primary reason people make and live here.

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But said he likes to imagine a mood and a feeling Flamingo Christmas is this Jolly enough shirt. You’re hanging out with your friends in Greece, you’re on the beach, it’s 80 degrees, you’re eating fresh seafood, what are you wearing?Greece is a common touchstone for Santis: His family is Greek, and prior to launching ALD, he spent most of his life working in their Greek diner on the Upper East Side. That’s where the second part of his Nolita shop comes into play: the narrow café on the side stocked with Greek treats, tea, and honey, plus a marble bar where you can order traditional Greek coffees. He said this was the easy part, because he knows cafés and restaurants so well.After our visit, he got me one of their signature Greek freddo espressos, a layered iced-coffee drink that required multiple steps and, refreshingly, a lot more patience than your usual grab-and-go coffee shop. First, you whip up the cold foam, then brew the hot espresso, add a bit of sugar when it’s still hot—this is crucial!—then you pour the espresso over ice and stir quickly to cool it off. Finally, you add the foamy cream on top. Santis ordered himself a Greek iced tea that took nearly as long to steep, but I wasn’t in a rush. Neither is he. Despite his seemingly swift success, he’s taking things slow—really slow. He joked that he’s fine with not being a billion-dollar brand right now, saying he’d rather that Aimé Leon Dore still exists in another 10 or 20 years. That’s probably hard to imagine for most designers, particularly the ones attempting to keep up with fashion’s breakneck pace. But is Aimé Leon Dore even “fashion”? Not really. Santis is making his own rules—one store, freddo espresso, and off-the-record interview at a time.

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    Amazing and so comfortable, I love it so much and I always wear it.

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    The T shirt looks as advertised although I found it a bit thinner than I expected but all round satisfied

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    Absolutely brilliant, cheers to all involved ??????

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    Love this website. So much choice

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    Brilliant service and amazing product and print quality. Quick efficient ordering and delivery was fast. Would definitely recommend and would order again in future.

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