That was remarkable Dachshund Autism Its Ok To Be Different shirt. I’d heard about this behavior but never seen it documented before–also dolphins have been known for millennia to rescue humans–Greek philosopher, Plutarch even wrote about them during the first century. Thanks for sharing this amazing bit of footage. Listen to “Songs of the Whale” and you will come to feel there is much much more to this magnificent that we acknowledge. Their songs are mind-blowing. Altuistic, indeed. They know some of the secrets of the universe. Ref.–“Star Trek: The Voyage Home.” Amazing to see! Humpbacks are so incredible and kind. I remember that Dr. Dan Salden related that he was saved by a humpback whale while studying them back in the late 1980s. As someone who has had a humpback whale swim right up to me- touching distance- and interacts with me- I absolutely believe the interpretation of the researchers!

Dachshund Autism Its Ok To Be Different shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Dachshund Autism Its Ok To Be Different  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Dachshund Autism Its Ok To Be Different  Hoodie
Dachshund Autism Its Ok To Be Different  LongSleeve
Dachshund Autism Its Ok To Be Different  Sweatshirt

Whales obviously have been communicating with each other that Humans are good and have made the decision amongst themselves that we are harmless Dachshund Autism Its Ok To Be Different shirt. I hope they can differentiate between the ones and the bad ones. How can humans be so arrogant to think we are the smart ones on earth. Frankly, I think we are the dumb ones, look what we are doing to this precious planet. Timothy, do you think 1 man is your shark? It’s your entire history, displacement of indengineous people, aggressive capitalist adherence and military expenditure that is run by greedy corporations that is the issue. Pinning it all on 1 man? C’mon mate, so obtuse it’s unbelievable. I’ve seen humpback whales whilst on a trip to Australia, they swim alongside the tourist boat and look straight at us leaning over, everyone was encouraged to make as much noise as possible to invite them to meet us and say hello!, it was a great day, one I’ll never forget.

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