Excellent write-up! What a sad yet . I hadn’t heard of this one before. I’m going to have to do some more research before I come up with a theory. But the husband definitely rubs me the wrong way in more ways than one. Disappearances are just theCute Dogs I Love You Antidepressants Shirt. I think the families in disappearance cases would almost rather find a body than have no resolution at all. I feel for her daughter especially. As a volunteer firefighter, he would’ve had his radio on at all times. Meaning as soon as PD got on the scene of a burning car, they would’ve called for fire. He would’ve been woken up by dispatch calling for volunteers to respond- not the police knocking at his door.

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Also, how could he be a , but also disabled and unable to work? This was my first thought, too, but then I thought if the license plates were the kind where the number is punched into them. Perhaps the plates survived the fire and they used the plate number to look up the owners/address? I’ve no idea if a license plate would survive a car fire, but it seems possible. Also worth noting is that Saturns had plastic body panels, these would probably have burned away fairly easily. Certainly easier than the body of aCute Dogs I Love You Antidepressants Shirt. As such, a car fire that reduced a Saturn to its frame may not have necessarily been as hot, nevertheless, it would be hot enough to keep anyone from approaching.

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Plastic is made from oil. Especially something like a body panel is basically just a very dense high energy pure carbon item that will burn mutter hotter than other materials. The amount of plastic products in cars and houses these days generally causes fires to be far faster and more intense than in decades previously. Depends on the thickness of the metal. Aluminum can be totally burned away in aCute Dogs I Love You Antidepressants Shirt. A thin sheet metal panel I think could certainly be mostly burned away in an intense car fire. But all the info we really have to go on here is the claim that the car was totally destroyed by fire. That’s a little vague and it would be great we had more details, or ideally some pictures.
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