She is a lovely person in her own right and doesn’t need this kind of people to protest what she does. She is not Donald Trump and it annoys me to end when people think someone is an arm of the Christmas Begins With Alabama Crimson Tide shirt to whom they are married. Just because you are married to someone does not mean you are them, Surprisingly, people still use their own minds and don’t need some idiots thinking they don’t People have gone mad with hate, I have never seen anything like it, it makes no sense at all until you read God’s Holy word…we are living in the time that Goodwill be looked at as Evil and Evil will be looked at as Good, the Bible has told us that these days would come!

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“Valerian and the city of a thousand planets” is based on the French comic book “Valerian and Laureline” Christmas Begins With Alabama Crimson Tide shirt.The action takes place in a captivating world, with spectacular visuals and a great variety of aliens. It’s fascinating to see the opening credits that dive into this original universe, with thousands of species. I got a Mad Max and Guardians of the Galaxy vibes, especially in the beginning. The downside is that the story is not that strong. It’s actually pretty generic.And I think that there’s not that much chemistry between the main characters. They are fine, but not enough to rise up to the expectations that the first part of the movie build for you. That’s too bad, because I was so excited for their interaction. I was expecting a type of Chris Pratt-type of lovable characters. But they fall kind of flat. It bothers me when I see the actors trying and missing the mark that close.On the other hand, the actions sequences and the alien personalities really deserve to be experienced on a big, 3d screen, which redeem the whole movie. So, theatrically, it is an exciting sci-fi experience that offers originality.It’s definitely not a bad movie, but it will have mixed reviews because of the high expectations around it, as with all things based on comic books.To celebrate the amazing Luc Besson original vision, I gathered a few t-shirts featuring the characters of the movie.

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