The only thing I can think of to suggest is to make all your discussions using the Socratic method. Don’t make the mistake of claiming anything or citing anything. Make every argument back at him anAwesome Bigfoot And Alier The Moon Shirt. Then split those reasons down into why he believed those… make him question why he believes what he does believe. He may realize that some of his beliefs have no foundation, you can’t make him believe this, he has to process this and himself. Forcing him to explain why he believes it will make him self analyze. Keep in mind if you take this advice that the people Socrates used this on made him drink poison. It’s famously irritating, so be judicial about it.

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Yeah, I’ll get about two questions on to this way before he starts making personal attacks against me. Peoples’ inclination to do this is far too frequent and I understand how it feels all too well. It often goes hand in hand with the Awesome Bigfoot And Alier The Moon Shirt. And just starting to come up with different shit to try and sling at you. Drives me nuts. There are actually some studies that I’m too lazy to look up which shows that the best way to change minds is to ask questions. In this case, though, I think that we’re talking about broken hardware that no amount of information on questions can fix. Paranoia is something that is innate. I made a longer comment somewhere else, but I like this approach a lot.

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A great way to see this method in action is though conversations. There are lots of YouTube channels doing it, but I’m a fan of this guy in particular. You can really see the effectiveness of it in action. It’s also good for setting expectations. Even when he’s successfully getting people to examine their Awesome Bigfoot And Alier The Moon Shirt. And lets them go away to consider their possibly altered position. I don’t think any person has ever done a full 180 on their core beliefs in a single conversation. A seed was planted somewhere in a previous conversation maybe a year ago, and then the present day I’ll experience something that makes that little seed grow, to where I realize I was wrong but needed time to figure it out myself.
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