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Did Israel destroy every single building in any Palestinian towns, bombing specifically shopping malls, hospitals, maternity wards, daycare centers, and bomb shelters marked CHILDREN? If yes, then yes, that is similar, except of course Russia is trying to absorb Ukraine and Ukrainians as evidenced by the abductions of thousands of Ukrainian citizens and the open road to Russian citizenship announced a few days ago. Many have wondered how Mr. Putin is affected when the cost of groceries is skyrocketing across Russia. Though the value of the Ruble has risen, some say this rise is artificial, and the result of currency manipulation. Thus buying groceries for ordinary Russians is no better; according to some reports, more than double. So, how has this changed Mr. Putin’s life when ordinary Russians struggle?

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It is Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia all pitted against each other. Each watching its people, watching each other. Rewriting history. Because despite being given every opportunity to not invade its neighbor Russia decided to invade its neighbor and President Shit-Container has ordered thousands of Russians to go die in Ukraine for nothing. Putin is apparently an ageist man who hates the young so much he’s fine with them being slaughtered in Ukrainian fields or crushed by falling T-72 turrets. There’s nothing just about this war from the Russian side and if the Russian people had any courage they would have gotten rid of him long ago.

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In 2020, Putin again put himself first, not fairness or loyalty to “their guy,” as Russian media fondly calls Trump. Putin may have seen that there was no use in trying to help Trump’s campaign given how unpopular he was. Perhaps Putin did send political dirt to Trump but it was deemed so weak we didn’t hear about it. Perhaps he thought Trump would be better as a POTUS in 2024 after annexing Ukraine, which would not be possible if Trump had won the 2020 election — why make Trump look weak during that war? Perhaps, Putin knew of the Trump plan to discredit the election results and take over, so why help with an election when those results were not going to matter anyway? If Putin thought Trump would be POTUS by claiming election fraud, why give Americans any reason to think that Russia had done anything to do with that fraud given Russia already had been caught in 2016?

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But just imagine if everyone gave in to this threat? Wouldn’t that mean he could simply use the threat of nuclear weapons to invade wherever he wanted? What if he simply “declared” the Baltic states to be part of Russia? We’d have to simply hand them over as well? What about London? Pennsylvania? Quebec? Most Russians are passive and obedient, so it’s certainly possible that they’ll keep numbly observing what’s going on for a long time. But there are already signs that they’ll not wait forever – conscription centers are being set on fire every night, all over Russia. Self-sabotage is rampant. Everyone with marketable skills is fleeing … it’s not necessary for there to be an open revolt for Russia to collapse, just like it wasn’t necessary for the former USSR.


Annexing Donbas now, and with Putin’s stand “whoever invades Russia will pay the highest price as consequence” means he has to consider any military action done there as a war on its national soil. Why cant Joe Biden tackle USA’s oligarchs like he and his predecessor presidents have been fighting the Middle East, Asia, and South America for decades? Well first of all he can because he doesn’t even know who he is and where he is. Secondly, he can because he doesn’t have any power over the USA’s oligarchs – they have power over him. In Russia Putin tackled the oligarchs long ago, and today they are crying over the sanctions by the West – and they can’t do anything about Putin even if they wanted to. In Russia, the President owns the oligarchs, while in Imperial USA the oligarchs own their President. Putin would describe such people as scumbags and traitors…but I am inclined to believe this label is better suited to him. In modern history, there has rarely been such a monumental miscalculation. Who stands to gain from this invasion of a sovereign neighbor country. Putin might tell you in private….the Russian people would gain….for Russia would be richer and more powerful if she can steal resources from neighboring was the case with the USSR. Wake up Putin ..this is a mindset of the last wonder the best and brightest can see this even if you can’t.