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There are some unpleasant forces at work as I see it. Anti-West sentiment involving racism and religious extremism which by association condemns Ukraine. This can be split into anti-EU and anti-US mostly, anti US sentiment is not new but anti-EU? Jealousy? Then there are the bitter comments from ex-colonial sources which apparently blame their ex-colonizer for their failure to develop. One surprise to me was India, the boy is there some hate and intolerance coming from there? So this unpleasantness spins off for support for Russia supported by a few blogs which have a lot of mindless followers. This is a bit of a ramble, the situation needs a skilled wordsmith to really describe what is going on. It hasn’t. Russia has exposed NATO for what it really is. The most destabilizing military alliance on earth. Exposed NATO for its actual purpose…… to gain control of Russia and its vast resources. The most resource-wealthy nation on the planet. The Soviet Union or Russia, it doesn’t matter to NATO. Had NATO’s true purpose been to guard against a Soviet invasion of Western Europe, NATO would have dissolved after the mission was accomplished. That mission was the fall of the Soviet Union. Yet here we are 30 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union and NATO and its military buildup continues. This build-up getting closer and closer to Moscow every year with the admission of former Soviet nations and the placement of weapons along its borders with Russia. If this was Russia setting up weapons along the border with the US in Canada, Mexico, or Cuba, the US would not tolerate this provocation. Oh, wait! Wasn’t there something called the Cuban missile crisis? Meh!

Well, then actual violent groups like BLM and ANTIFA who burned down cities to get their way would have competition. Funny how we have to live in a ridiculous hypothetical of what the right would have to do to be on par with what the far left is in our country has and is currently doing. I’m not a Republican, (Ewe)… but about 1,000 plus hours of video makes it clear what side of our political spectrum is a violent hate group, burning down buildings, attacking people openly, and killing them for political power. We don’t need silly hypotheticals, Democrats have already supported and delivered actual insurrection through real-life fascism. The country only tenses up, bracing in preparation for mass riots when one party does not get its way.

Actually, the people in these countries really don’t give a rat’s *** about Russia either. In fact, they know little about international politics, if anything they are interested in domestic politics, but a lot of them are conditioned not to be even interested in domestic politics because politics is trouble. If any of them have views on international politics which some of the educated classes will, their views are all over the place and unfortunately, it’s not unheard of for such professionals to be glaringly poorly informed and educated due to the quality of education in their countries. Communist China is the only one where they can mobilize plenty of people to think based on central command, but then China and Russia were the two poles of the Eastern Bloc and they had the Sino-Soviet Split which was a major historical event that split the communist world. Their newly found friendship is nothing new actually. Chinese are Bolshevik-descendant communists and their leader is a communist fundamentalist who lamented the breakup of the USSR and said “Stalinism” among other things should not have been “negated”. This was Xi Jinping in 2012, I can attach the source if you want. Xi already said 9 years ago that it was a mistake to break up the USSR, it’s just that no one was listening then.

The people doing business with Russia are their filthy rich classes and only some of those, so the ordinary people in these countries have zero connection to Russia. The filthy rich do business with anyone if there’s money to be made. Of course, they’re not obsessed with Ukraine because it’s a remote country a lot of them never heard of. So … Nice try! But Fail. The first half was correct, the second half failed. You don’t want that result when you do anything in life. But hey, if you think the rest of the world is Bashar Assad’s, Iran hardliners’, Maduro’s, Fidel Castro’s, and the Burmese Junta’s supporters plus North Korea then you might be right, you just missed a few billion people. These pariahs are not exactly the rest of the world.

Oleksander, an officer in the Territorial Defense Force’s 128th Battalion, drives on the road to Chuhuiv, on July 28. 2022 (Lazar Berman/The Times of Israel) Officers in the Territorial Defense Force’s 128th Battalion and a local translator walk through Chuhuiv, July 28. 2022 (Lazar Berman/The Times of Israel) The agricultural city of 30,000 became an important target in the opening hours of the war, as its military airport came under missile fire on February 24. Apartment buildings were hit too, with at least one boy dying on that first day. Chuhuiv itself came under Russian occupation for several days, until Ukrainian troops liberated the city on March 7. With their maneuver war subsequently stalling on the outskirts of Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Mykolaiv, the Russians have since retreated their forces and reverted to their considerable artillery and missile capabilities to pummel Ukrainian cities. Three civilians in Chuhuiv were killed on July 16, when Russian missiles hit a residential building and school.


Rescuers remove debris following a Russian missile attack in Chuhuiv, Kharkiv region, Ukraine, July 25, 2022. (Evgeniy Maloletka/AP) While away from the front, it’s a potentially perilous arrangement for the volunteer fighters, and not just for the reasons one might expect. The Kharkiv region is Russian-speaking, and shares close economic and social ties with its massive neighbor less than an hour’s drive away. Many of Chuhuiv’s farmers sold their produce to Russia before the invasion. According to Oleksander, a Kyiv resident now deployed in Chuhuiv with the 128th, a significant percentage of the locals could be Russian sympathizers.