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On a bigger front, his latest actions make no sense suggesting he is not making rational decisions but is surrounded by an ever-shrinking inner circle of ‘yes men. Russians all around RUSSIA will be in danger of reprisal attacks, from the US and from all of NATO under coordination with the leading partner, the US. The US and NATO have no reason to go after places that might have ethnic Russians in places that are not involved in hostilities and pose no threat. This is a state-on-state, and alliance (NATO)-on-state (Russia), and alliance (NATO)-on alliance (to the slight extent Russia even has one, which would include only Belarus, I think, a country next to Russia). If somehow NATO could respond to a Russian nuclear attack and win with large-scale nuclear attacks against Russia and somehow “magically” vastly reduce the number of ordinary Russians killed while still weakening or killing the Russian STATE, it would. Russia as a STATE is the target – not Russians as ordinary people or as an ethnicity. Russia has a nuclear doctrine linked with no break or discontinuity to its conventional doctrine, which includes nuclear “escalate to de-escalate”. There is a calculus in the Russian military mind whereby a tactical nuke can be used with fairly little damage in terms of the area destroyed and people killed. to gain control of a situation, neutralize a small area, shock and cow the enemy into submission, all without intending to go on to large nukes and definitely not intending to have a major exchange. The thought process, the gamble, is that their shock and awe and fear will de-escalate favorably to Russian control. So with Russia, there is no great cliff of separation between the conventional, and one step up from that, the small nuke, the tactical nuke. Russia has a large number of tactical nukes.

The US and NATO have had just the opposite thinking. The US in its thinking maintains a wide gap, a steep conceptual and emotional cliff between the convention and the nuclear. Also, the US some time back drastically cut back its number of tactical nukes, based partly on this doctrine, and has less flexibility than Russia does. (I don’t know if other NATO states have a large number of tactical nukes that could effectively give back the flexibility to go with small nukes instead of large (strategic) nukes). The US could run out of tactical nukes much sooner than Russia (I don’t have the numbers and am not looking them up).
So, Russia could in its mind seamlessly escalate up to the next logical and “small” step, the tactical nuke, thinking it will de-escalate the situation and gain control for Russia. And the US views the gulf between conventional and ANY NUKE AT ALL as very wide. For the US, once a nuke of any size is launched, the US will probably escalate at least up to the same number of tactical nukes, and if it didn’t launch a full, all-out strike with everything it has, it might use one or more large and very destructive STRATEGIC NUKES, each of which can destroy a very large city and ruin a whole large region, thinking it might de-escalate.

Later on, when it became clear Russia would disintegrate if Yezsin stays in power, a group of KGB (now FSB) high-rank officers made an offer to Yeltsin he could not reject. Namely, he nominates Putin his successor and keeps his and his family’s lives and wealth. That proved to be the best choice possible, as he managed to reassemble Russia from ruins and really make it great again. His popularity in Russia is about 80% now. As the USA knows only too well. Regime change gives a favorable government without needing the losses of war. A common tactic worldwide.

When the attempt to procure that turned nasty it then got back to its actual concerns. Access to a port. Crimea and Donbas were vital strategic interests. And who was responsible for getting a hostile government in Ukraine? We will never know. But the CIA has been behind such things in the past. It might have been an engineered situation. I think he would not care about the invaded cities, Russian nationals killed there, and their homes and livelihoods thoroughly destroyed. Very similar to the way he does not care about ethnic Russians killed, and their homes and lives thoroughly destroyed in predominately ethnic-Russian and Russian speaking Kharkiv, Kherson, Donetsk, Lugansk, and many other locations in eastern Ukraine. (Yes, I am using the Russian-language-based names of the cities intentionally in this post).

He would use the invasion as a justification to double down on his efforts of destroying the lives of people who do not want him and his minions as their dictatorial rulers from Moscow. He does not comprehend and does not represent the true interests of the Russian people, both Russian nationals regardless of their ethnic backgrounds and of ethnic Russians regardless of their citizenship. This war is about him “winning”, nobody else matters; so his feelings are about his perceptions of whether he is “winning” or “losing”, even if in the real world, the two things are practically indistinguishable. Trump is financially compromised with Russians without talking about any other kompromat Uncle Vlad has on him. He has no choice but to be obedient to his Kremlin handler. Russia played the whole Republican party and its electorate with a very successful information warfare campaign, the biggest crowning achievement of Russia was planting the orange mole as POTUS. That guy was a megaphone for broadcasting Russian narratives and propaganda, and he corrupted the Republican party irreparably. When Trump himself was a Russian asset, it is no wonder that many who belong to his cult, are pro-Russia. Sad what happened to the party of Reagan.


Because if Putin gets an inch in Ukraine, Finland, Poland, Germany, etc are next on Putin’s hit list. His moronic Chechen buddy is already making threats against Poland, but I don’t think Poland is frightened at all ….. after all, this moron only has Russia to back them and no other country. I am starting to think that Putin not only wants Russia to die in the relatively near future when he does but wants all his friends and family to die along with him. The man is so mentally off it is possible that Putin wants the entire world to end when he meets his own end.