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they all have parts of the brain that is more developed than other species giving them an edge in processing whatever they are facing. In that field, they are smarter than any other animal while in others maybe not so much. Like people, animals also experience end-of-life physical and mental ailments requiring dedicated care. So if the question is “should I keep…” what is the alternative? Whether the animal was purchased or adopted, if a person is not willing to care for an animal through sickness and health, perhaps they should stick to stuffed animals. I would go to the ends of the earth to care for my animals. In fact, I am currently doing that with my cat, Francis, who has been grieving this housemate since April. He lives under my bed, has become scared to death of me, and I’ve just about exhausted all remedies.

Do I intend to stop? No. Never until I find a way to help him. I love my animals more than some people, and for the unconditional love they give me, I give them 100%. Chewing bones helps dogs keep their teeth and gums healthy. Think of it like a toothbrush is to us. Chewing on the bone pushes plaque off the gums and teeth. Excessive plaque can allow bacteria to grow to cause an array of dental problems such as bad breath, gum disease, etc. They also contain nutritious bone marrow and provide great mental stimulation for your dog. But steer clear of cooked bones. Lots of good service dogs as I am familiar with a local group that trains them. Currently training many of the dogs to be service dogs for veterans and others with PTSD. They also have trained wonderful dogs that help those in wheelchairs and with other disabilities.

This is used as a laxative for humans. It is not suggested to give it to dogs. If you need to help a dog with bowel issues, consult your veterinarian. Do not give it to your dog without the assistance of your vet. Absolutely! Since it’s their innate desire to herd, a dog will want to herd other dogs and children. It can be cute, but it becomes irritating to children or dogs. So if you get an Australian Shepherd or x be sure it gets some intense training not to herd, My neighbor grew up on a cattle ranch and had a herding dog. NO ONE TAUGHT THE DOG THIS: every morning at 8 am the dog herded the cattle out to the grassland where they munched on good grass. Then every day at 5 pm the dog—on its own—would go out, find the cattle, and then herded the cattle back to their corral. Amazing!

The size of the parents is no indication at all. You can have two mixed breed dogs of the size of a German Shepherd and one puppy will grow into a Saint Bernard and some other of the same litter will become similar in size to a Chihuahua. To a lesser extent, this can even happen to cross breeds from two purebred lines. The Goldendoodle is a popular cross breed of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. If two Goldendoodle get offspring the puppies can be anything: Golden Retrievers, Poodles, Goldendoodles, or even something else. What might make you worry is when your dog was attacked by another animal a couple of weeks ago. Rabies doesn’t appear out of thin air; no animal automatically has rabies, either. Your dog might have been exposed to rabies. You know that rabies symptoms (in an unvaccinated pet) would have onset by now.

So, obviously, if your dog is vaxxed, then you’re in the clear. If your dog wasn’t attacked by a rabid animal—then, no rabies. If your pet hasn’t died or become excessively violent, and remained that way, in the last few days—you should be okay. However, you say your dog bit you. Was this due to you scaring her; being mean to her; surprising her; playing with her; or some other normal activity and an irregular incidence?
If your pet is not vaxxed, do so. If you have any health questions, see your health care provider. Otherwise, move on, nothing happening here. But if you claimed to have a dog, yet nobody had ever seen one, and there was no dog hair on any of your furniture, no dog poop or even microscopic traces of dog poop in your yard, and very sensitive listening devices placed all around your property for a year failed to hear a single bark, then there’s a very good chance you don’t really have a dog. And of course when you start shouting “fetch!” then claiming that your dog brought you a stick that happened to fall from the tree at the same time, that’s not going to convince anybody that you have a dog either.


To prove you have a dog, you need to provide evidence that you have a dog. To prove there is a god, you need to provide evidence of that god. Not some ridiculous “logic” that doesn’t stand up to the tiniest scrutiny. My dog Sassparilla Sprinkles loves to hear me coming out the door and putting food in her bowl. She also loves when I call her name for me to pet her. Sometimes she even talks to me. I know that sounds a little crazy, but she will make conversation in doggy lingo. I’d say in my opinion yes it brings the health benefits of neutering but it also keeps the dog focused. One of my high school teachers’ dogs got pregnant after an intact male dog escaped a farm and traveled 3 miles to mate with her. Animals will do crazy things when they smell a female in heat or are a female in heat. And it’s a myth neutering makes animals lazy over feeding them makes them lazy.