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They know this. This is why they’re mysteriously trying to suddenly find a middle ground. What do we have to say? Too damn bad. There will be absolutely no middle ground from here on out. America is done being taunted and bullied, censored and silenced by left-wing extremists. From blue-collared Americans to minorities who are tired of being used as pawns by the democrats to Catholics and Christians who hold their faith close to concerned parents tired of the LGTBQ agenda. Every single group I just mentioned has been personally taunted and targeted by the progressive left. The best part is that the progressives are now even beginning to eat their very own. Say the wrong thing as a progressive and you will be shunned and persecuted by your very own. Us conservatives are more energized now than ever before. We will reclaim our country back from the people who can’t even define the term woman. I’m an “old-fashioned, almost Teddy Rooseveltian” Republican. I was born when FDR was President. My only question, before attempting to give a cogent answer is “What the hell is meant by ‘who Biden really is’?”

I do not support, or even like, many of Joe Biden’s proposed policies. . .and that goes back to when he was younger and a Senator. But I trust Joe Biden to place the United States – as both he and I see the nation – much more than the candidate he defeated. I trust him because of his character and his experience and his respect for the history of this nation. They really should but it won’t happen. Biden is the strongest Democrat for nominee and Trump is the strongest Republican for the nominee, although DeSantis keeps climbing in the polls. For the Democrats, their ideal candidate is a more progressive one with the ideas of Bernie Sanders (who is far too old to run again). However, the average American is not too keen on these ideas so they resort to moderate Democrats such as Biden and Hillary. Outside of Biden, I’d say the likely candidates would be Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg, who are more moderate like Biden, but Biden would still likely do better than any other Democrat.

For Republicans, their best bet is also a moderate Republican because the more extremist crowd would still vote for that candidate. But the battle for elections is not who has the best policy, it’s who can win. And right now, the most likely to beat President Biden is Trump. The Republican Party is trying to find an identity outside of Trump since now he is seen as an extremist and is losing favor because of the Capital insurrection (despite Trump’s policy actually being pretty moderate in a sense). The average Republican like Mike Pence would likely not fare well against Biden, so Trump is their best bet for now. Mitt Romney was an average Republican and he stood no chance against Obama in the 2012 election. No, Joe Biden is not trying to dismantle or weaken the armed forces. This is just another of the many conservative lies, designed to influence the more gullible U.S. public. This accusation deserves as much credit as the “Operation Jade Helm” conspiracy, The “Pizza Gate” conspiracy, the lizard men conspiracy, and a dozen other conspiracies thrown out there by Trumpish conservatives.

Remember when conservatives were claiming Obama would declare martial law and refuse to leave the office at the end of his second term? While that didn’t happen, we did have another, former POTUS, who was encouraged to do so and did attempt to subvert the election process, and the constitution, in order to stay in office. Just remember this, if a Republican accuses anyone else of anything, it is most likely that Republican is doing what they claim another is doing. Here is a list of all the idiotic accusations made against President Obama, which is representative of the idiocy put out there, and believed by those same gullible conservatives that have fallen for the statement that is the basis for this question.

Joe Biden does not appeal to voters. Joe Biden appears to voters as a puppet for the DNC, big tech, social media, the press, and George Soros. He appears like a senile old man in his twilight years, with an incontinence problem and difficulty remembering who he’s speaking with, where he is at, and what day it is. He appears like a man with motor skill difficulties, who has trouble even riding a bicycle and has even fallen going UP stairs three times. He appears to be a guy who has difficulty in getting anything done, as he’s nearly 50 years in public office have demonstrated. He also appears to be a pedophile, as some recent testimony and evidence about him suggests, including documented remarks from his own son, nicknaming him “pedo-Peter” and entries in a diary from his own daughter; Ashley Biden indicates.

He appears to voters as a president who can’t even properly read a teleprompter on multiple occasions and has great difficulty forming a cogent and intelligible sentence. He appears as the guy who single-handedly more than doubled gasoline prices in one year, caused the largest supply chain crisis in the history of the U.S., caused inflation to hit a record high of 9.1% in 18 months and mismanaged a pandemic to the point where during his tenure, there are still vaccine mandates, occasional lockdowns, and mask requirements. He is also the guy to mismanage the Southern border so badly that a record 11 million illegal aliens flooded this country, and his response was to bus and fly them to various states around the country without the consent or knowledge of those state governments. He is also unfortunately the guy who completely botched a military and civilian withdrawal in Afghanistan resulting in numerous military and civilian casualties, as well as the abandonment of billions in military inventory for the enemy to use. So in summary, how does Joe Biden appeal to voters right now? Well, his latest popular poll results are only 29%, which is the lowest recorded number for any sitting President. Ironically, the poll numbers in his own party state that only 25% of Democrats polled think he should run for re-election. That’s how much appeal he has… No, The “ American “ people cannot afford any more taxes or higher inflation. This Government needs to admit they made some serious mistakes, acknowledge it to the American people, ask for forgiveness and then start to undo policies that helped increase inflation and make changes to undo the damage. The constant blame game is sickening. Biden said “ the buck stops with me”.. another false statement. He has taken 0 responsibility for any of the damages done to the economy.


Manafort was a republican campaign consultant and chaired Trump’s presidential campaign so was actually more of a government employee than Hunter is Hunter holds no political office and did not run his dad’s campaign Hunter was just a citizen of the USA you now see the difference between Hunter and Manafort? Also, Manafort admitted to his crimes including committing fraud. No, that’s about what I’d see here. I am wondering if you are looking at a worst-case scenario estimate. I just received one for my eldest cat. It’s the most it could be if they had to pull teeth. The least is about $500–600. That’s the cost of sedation, airway management, medications, etc.